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Rewards & Store

This module allows the server manager to set up the points system, the server store, rewards and leveled roles.

Score, Points & Rep

In this section the manager can set up custom loyalty points and server score. Both may be customized using the following parameters:

  • Name: the name of the points or score. For example, setting the name of the points to Tatsucoin will make Tatsu display them as such.
  • Emoji icon: the emoji used alongside the points or score — these will appear wherever these values are mentioned.
  • Range: the amount of points or score which is gained by the user sending a message. If the lowest and highest numbers are not the same, the user will randomly receive an amount between them.
  • Cooldown: the amount of time it takes for Tatsu to not give the user points or score after their message in seconds. By default, if a user sends a message and earns their points and score, they will not be able to earn any more until two minutes after.
  • Blocked roles: the roles selected here will be incapable of receiving points or score.
  • Blocked channels: these channels are excluded from giving anyone points or score. Messages will not earn the users anything. A good option for channels with bot spam or other spammable content.
  • Logs: Tatsu will log any manual points or score additions so you can keep track of them.

In addition, the «Global XP / Credits: Blocked Channels» option to turn off the gain of both local points and score as well as global XP and credits.

Rewards Store

This section allows the server manager to view and most importantly add server rewards for the rewards store. Below the list of the rewards, the user may use the button to add an item, although the item needs to first have been made using the .

The dashboard then prompts the manager to choose the reward item’s type from one of the three server item types: accolades, server roles and custom items. Upon choosing either of the options, a prompt appears for selecting the item, naming it and entering a description. In the third and last step the reward cost in the server’s currency, quantity of the reward available and a unique key ID for the reward as well as an image must be provided. Setting the quantity of the item to -1 will make an infinite amount available for purchase. The manager may then finalize the item and it will be available on the rewards store.

Leveled Roles

This section lets the server manager set up leveled roles; roles based on the amount of server score the users have. Upon reaching the required amount, the role will be rewarded to the user. The manager may define various parameters:

  • Role reward settings: allows changing whether Tatsu will remove the previous leveled role of the user in return for the new one or if it will allow them to stack together.
  • Adding leveled roles: allows creating new leveled roles by choosing a role and the required amount of score to receive it.
  • Role earn message: the message which will appear when the user receives the role. This message may be a combination of plain text as well as an embed which may be previewed using the embed creator.

Item Creator

Allows the user to create server items to be put on the . These items may be of three types: accolades, server roles and custom items. Accolades are local versions of badges which will appear on users’ rank cards. Server roles are items which award the user with a role. Custom items can represent anything.

To create an item, the user first needs to choose the type. The user then needs to input various item properties:

  • Name: the name of the item.
  • ID: a unique ID to identify the item. Has to be in lowercase and uses underscores. For example, a_custom_id.
  • Description: a description for the item.
  • Role: the role associated with the item. For role items only.
  • Discord emoji: the discord emoji associated with the item which will server as its icon. It may be any default emoji or a custom server emoji.

The user may then save the item and the item will be created and ready to use.

Command List

A list of the commands under this module which may be disabled or enabled, or upon entering the settings be allowed or blocked by various roles. The command may also be disabled or whitelisted on some channels. Whitelisting disables all commands on all channels except for certain channels or roles which are allowed. The following commands are available:

Reaction / Self Roles

This module allows the manager to set up reaction and server join roles as well as self roles.

Reaction Roles

Reaction roles are roles which may be gained by using a reaction on a message. The manager may choose an existing message by providing its message ID or create a new message using Tatsu’s embed creator to have the reactions on. Message ID may be found using Discord’s developer mode. After adding the message, if it wasn’t a preexisting one Tatsu will send the message and the manage roles button may be used to add a role and its associated reaction emoji.

Server Join Roles

These roles are awarded to a user upon joining the server. Similar to its command alternative, the manager only needs to choose the role and the bot will start adding it to every new user when they join.

Self Roles

These roles can be acquired by users who wish to have them using the selfroles command. The command may also be disabled and set up in this section.


There are 2 ways of putting Tatsugotchis into the nursery:

  • Using the command, which costs 2,000 credits.
  • Unwrapping a new Tatsugotchi while having an active one will automatically place the newly unwrapped Tatsugotchi into the nursery.

While in nursery, the pet is inactive, meaning it cannot be interacted with and its attributes do not change over time, effectively ensuring that the pet will not run away. And you can still view its stats using the command. At the cost of 2,000 credits, this is an effective way of making sure the pet will not run away if the player is unable to take care of the pet for an unknown period of time. However, if you want to keep using the Tatsugotchi as well, the will be a better option.

Tatsugotchis can also be taken out of the nursery anytime for free using the command. However, keep in mind that player can only have a single active Tatsugotchi (so to take a Tatsugotchi from the nursery, the player needs to have no active Tatsugotchis).


There are 2 ways of how to customize your Tatsugotchi (besides housing): putting various cosmetic accessories on it and changing the look of the UI elements.


A Tatsugotchi wearing a Red Rose.

These items can be obtained from various sources:

  • Walking: 0.3% drop rate.
  • The shop: in ‘All Items’ section, available only for tokens.

Additionally, since cosmetics are tradeable, they can be obtained from other players via trading as well.

Tatsugotchis have 3 cosmetic slots: head, eyes and neck. When equipped, the cosmetic item stays in the inventory, meaing it can be still traded while the Tatsugotchi is wearing it, removing it from the Tatsugotchi. Similarly, when a Tatsugotchi runs away or is put into the nursery, its cosmetics will remain in the player’s inventory. On every slot, Tatsugotchi can wear a single cosmetic item at once. All cosmetic items have specified slots which they can be added to. Cosmetic items do not affect the Tatsugotchi in any way.

UI Elements

Tatsugotchi information with the Sea Pet Status Card equipped.

Player can alter the look of the UI elements shown when viewing their Tatsugotchi, namely the status card (showing the attribute bars, Tatsugotchi, etc.) and the nametag (shown above the Tatsugotchi). These are only available for tokens from the shop (or event shop for the event currency), however similarly to cosmetics, they also can be traded between players.

When used, the respective UI element’s look is changed, but the UI item itself stays in the inventory while it’s active. Unlike the cosmetics, the UI change is not bound to the Tatsugotchi. This means that it will not unequip when changing Tatsugotchis — the only way to deactivate the UI element’s look change is to change it to a different one or remove it from the inventory via trading. UI elements do not affect the Tatsugotchi in any way.


Tatsugotchi info card showing the pet’s maximum attributes and its attitude.

Every unwrapped pet comes with a randomly chosen attitude. You can view your pet’s attitude using the command.

These numbers below were put together by the community and may not be accurate.

Attitudes and their effects
Attitude Negative effect Positive effect
Clingy +100% affection decay rate (-1/h)
Dummy +25% dirtiness incr. rate (+0.625/h) -50% affection decay rate (-1/h)
Grumpy +50% affection decay rate (-0.75/h)
Lazy -20% fatigue recovery rate (-200/h)
Neat -60% dirtiness incr. rate (+0.2/h)
Sickly +50% dirtiness incr. rate (+0.75/h)
Sleepy -20% fatigue recovery rate (-200/h)
Smart +50% affection decay rate (-0.75/h) -50% dirtiness incr. rate (+0.25/h)


A beginner’s guide to Tatsugotchi v2.

Your pet has four main attributes: Fullness, Dirtiness, Affection (Love), and Fatigue. The maximum value of these attributes can be between 10 and 15. These values are set at random and cannot be changed. These values decrease or increase in case of dirtiness by 0.5 per hour. These values can only be affected by . These values can be temporarily frozen with or when in . Once all of these values reach their minimum or maximum in case of dirtiness, the pet will run away. All of them can be restored to their initial values using commands:

  • restores Fullness, uses 1 Tatsuco Pet Food for 20 credits per 2 points
  • restores Dirtiness, does not cost anything
  • restores Affection, does not cost anything


This attribute’s maximum value ranges between 500 and 525 and decreases by 250 per hour. Fatigue starts at 0 and will not make your pet run away. Instead, and commands increase its value by 3 and 10, respectively. If the fatigue value would exceed its maximum, the command will not pass.

Leveling up

When unwrapped, Tatsugotchi start at level 1. In order to reach higher levels, they need to gain experience. There are 3 ways to do so:

  • Using the command: +10 — 15 experience, +3 fatigue
    • +3.33 — 5 experience per fatigue or +1,666.67 — 2,500 experience per 2 hours for most attitudes.
    • Preferable and much more effective source of experience.
  • Using the command: +5 experience, +10 fatigue
    • +0.5 experience per fatigue or +250 experience per 2 hours for most attitudes.
    • Not a great source of experience, but can give additional items (see ).
  • Using consumable items. However these items have limited supply and are not tradeable. Possible sources of these items include:
    • Special events, such as launch event ( reward).
    • Exp potions given to players for the major Tatsu rewrite.

After reaching required amount of experience, Tatsugotchi level up, increasing their level by 1, resetting their experience to 0 and increasing the amount of experience required to reach next level by 200. The maximum level Tatsugotchi can reach is 50, however when this level is reached, Tatsugotchi can still collect up to 10,000 experience. After reaching this amount, command can be used to increase the pet’s prestige by 1, resetting its level back to 1. This means that going from level 1, prestige costs total of 255,000 experience, roughly calculating to about 17,000 — 25,500 training commands and a minimum of 200-300 hours worth of fatigue.

Pet starts at prestige level 0 and can reach up to 9. Each prestige level has its own badge which shows up when displaying .

Prestige 1

Prestige 2

Prestige 3

Prestige 4

Prestige 5

Prestige 6

Prestige 7

Prestige 8

Prestige 9

Each prestige level will give your pet a different prestige icon (as seen above), as well as a frame with that icon for your house. Higher prestige also increases how long your pet will wait before running away.

Notifications & Logs

This module is responsible for the bot’s logging functionality as well as welcome and goodbye messages.

Greeting Messages

The manager can use this section to set up messages which will be sent when a user joins or leaves. The dashboard will then bring up the message and embed creator.

Kick & Ban Logs

This section is responsible for setting up custom kick and ban logs. The user may create the message using the embed creator and select a channel. A default, simplified version can be enabled using the notify command.

Voice Channel Logs

This section is responsible for setting up custom logs for users joining, leaving or changing to another voice channel. A default, simplified version can be enabled using the notify command.

User Join / Leave

This section is responsible for setting up custom logs for users joining or leaving the server. A default, simplified version can be enabled using the notify command.


A message displayed when finding an item (a bear chair in this case) while walking.

The user can take their Tatsugotchi on walks using the command, during which the Tatsugotchi may find furniture, cosmetic items, credits, tokens and even old Tatsugotchi who had previously ran away. Chances of finding each of the items are following:

  • 500 — 1500 Credits: 3.366%
  • Previously lost pet: 0.8%
  • Furniture: 0.3%
  • Cosmetics: 0.3%
  • 10 — 30 Tokens: 0.034% (the amount, despite the site saying droprate, is increased by 15% and 25% in Plus and Premium servers respectively)

Every walk costs the pet 5 fullness, and accounting found credits on average each walk is roughly 16 credits lost, translating to about 2700 credits per furniture based on the current drop rates.

Tip: When spamming walk commands, feed your pet after every 2 walks instead of 1 or 3. Refilling 5 or 15 fullness will cost you slightly more Credits per fullness point refilled than refilling 10, because Tatsuco Pet Food always restores 2 fullness points.


The inventory tab allows the user to manage all the items in their inventory. The user may filter out the items seen based on their type:

  • Card Backgrounds: backgrounds for profile, level-up, rank and wallet cards.
  • Badges: the various profile badges the user may have.
  • Tags: profile tags which the user may have.
  • Tatsugotchi: Tatsugotchi items such as capsules, potions and various other things.
  • Housing: housing items such as furniture and furnishings as well as houses which the player owns.
  • Fishing: fishing related items. Currently unused.
  • Usables: items which can be used by using the inventory command.
  • Boxes & Capsules: Tatsugotchi capsules which can be opened to receive a new Tatsugotchi and furniture boxes.

Command cheatsheet

Command Description
Displays a random room of your house with your Tatsugotchi in it.
Displays a random room of other player’s house and Tatsugotchi, with your Tatsugotchi in it.
Cleans up after your Tatsugotchi’s dirty mess, setting its dirtiness to 0.
Feeds your hungry pet, setting its fullness to the maximum value. Uses Tatsuco Pet Food from the inventory. If there is none any, it buys it automatically (cost is the same as the purchase would be manual).
Spends some time and loving with your Tatsugotchi, setting its affection to the maximum value.
Teaches some tricks to your Tatsugotchi, if it listens. Increases fatigue and grants experience.
Take your Tatsugotchi out on a walk and quite possibly find something valuable. Grants experience, increases fatigue and reduces fullness.
Select a Tatsugotchi capsule to open.
Select a carer from the list available to take care of your Tatsugotchi with.
Opens up a universal edit menu for the whole of Tatsugotchi. Accesses the nursery, cosmetics, houses and UI skins. provides more info.
Nicknames your Tatsugotchi. For example, nicknames your Tatsugotchi «Fabby Duh».
Views the entire list of Tatsugotchis you have with their relevant statistics.
Select a wrapped Tatsugotchi to unwrap.
Prestige your pet, resetting its level and increasing the level of its prestige badge.


  • Peak of human physical condition: As a member of the Crescent Order, Tatsu is in top physical condition.
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: After becoming a member of the Crescent Order, Tatsu became an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist, as she was able to defeat many members of the League of Assassins and hold her own against Maseo Yamashiro for quite some time before being bested. Tatsu had also became skilled enough to fight on par against Nyssa al Ghul and could best Chien Na Wei.
    • Master swordswoman:

      Tatsu killing two attackers simultaneously.

      Tatsu is a highly skilled swordswoman, as she cut down multiple Shu gang members in mere seconds. Tatsu could hold her own for a while against Chien Na Wei, but was eventually bested. After becoming a member of the Crescent Order, Tatsu’s abilities as a swordswoman have greatly improved, allowing her to easily defeat many members of the League of Assassins by herself and hold her own against Maseo for quite some time in a sword fight before being bested. She was also able to duel on par against Nyssa al Ghul. She also managed to disarm Chien Na Wei of her knives and overpower her.

    • Expert knife wielder: Tatsu was able to kill a member of the Chinese Triad by throwing a knife at him.
  • Medical knowledge: Tatsu has displayed a masterful level of knowledge and expertise when it comes to using herbs as alternative medicine, so much so that she was able to heal Oliver back to life after he suffered a fatal wound at the hands of Ra’s al Ghul.
  • Meditation: Tatsu is skilled in meditation and was able to guide Oliver into using it to analyze his memories.
  • Multilingual: As a native Japanese, Tatsu speaks that language fluently, in addition to Chinese and English.


The primary source of Tatsugotchi is opening capsules:

  • From shop for 10,000 credits, or Pet+ Capsule for 450 tokens).
  • Players who had Tatsugotchi before the major rewrite were given a special capsule, from which they could choose Tatsugotchi with any rarity equal or below to the rarity of their original Tatsugotchi.
  • Special capsules from the launch event from which player can choose any of the 3 emerald pets.
Capsule drop rates
Rarity Pet Capsule

(10,000 credits)

Pet+ Capsule

(450 tokens)

Common 60% 0%
Uncommon 30% 0%
Rare 8% 80%
Very Rare 1% 10%
Epic 0.85% 8.5%
Legendary 0.15% 1.5%

After the capsule is opened, a wrapped Tatsugotchi is added to the user’s inventory. At this state, the Tatsugotchi can be traded with other users. The user can only see the pet’s basic information such as rarity and species, but not the and they can not interact with it. Once unwrapped, all of the Tatsugotchi’s attributes and are revealed and it becomes untradeable, but can still be viewed in the inventory. If the player did not have any active Tatsugotchi when unwrapping, the unwrapped Tatsugotchi becomes their active pet, meaning the user can interact with them and see their attributes change over time. If the user already had an active Tatsugotchi, the pet is moved to the .


GLOBAL — works in every message field.
Placeholder Function Example Output
mentions the user @Markers Duh ʕ •́ᴥ•̀ʔ#1238
displays user name Markers Duh ʕ •́ᴥ•̀ʔ
displays user discriminator #1238
displays user id 309343924655226891
displays user’s avatar URL https://cdn.discordapp.com/embed/avatars/1.png
displays the server name Tatsu’s Lounge
displays the server ID 173184118492889089
displays the member count 72931
displays the time and date Sat Sep 12 2020 07:32:06 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
LEVELEDROLES — specific to leveledroles message fields.
Placeholder Function Example Output
displays role name Chicken Squad
displays role ID 748660592381788202
mentions the role @Chicken Squad
VOICELOGS — specific to voice log message fields.
Placeholder Function Example Output
displays channel name Cool Kids VC
displays channel ID 693591677113466941
displays switched channel name David’s ASMR VC
displays switched channel ID 658787490978725938

Behind the scenes

  • In DC comics, Tatsu Yamashiro is a heroine known as «Katana» and was originally associated with Batman as part of his superhero team, The Outsiders. She became a hero after the murders of her husband, Maseo Yamashiro, and daughters, Yuki and Reiko. Tatsu’s main weapon is a sword called Soultaker, in which she captures the spirits of those who are killed by its blade and communicates with souls of deceased relatives.
    • In the Prime Earth continuity, Tatsu wears the same outfit as seen in Arrow

      Despite sporting her vigilante outfit from the comics though, she is only referred to as «Katana» in concept art and merchandise, never on-screen.


  • Tatsu was originally supposed to be played by Devon Aoki but due to other commitments, Rila Fukushima was cast for the role.

Setting up your profile, rank, level up and wallet cards

Tatsu is a bot focused on social interactions and games, and a major part of it is the various cards which provide info on your tatsu profile.


The profile card shows various things.

  • Country badge: shows a country you’ve set the bot to display. Can be changed using the command.
  • Title: shown under your name, this title can be set on the online dashboard.
  • About: a text section for you to provide information about yourself. You can change the text on the online dashboard.
  • Global XP: the total amount of XP you’ve earned. Global XP is responsible for your levels.
  • Chat activity: the total amount of your chat activity, unaffected by supporter perks and used for the global activity rankings.
  • Reputation: the total amount of rep points you’ve received.
  • Badges: various badges you’ve bought from the store, can be set up on the online dashboard.


A standard rank card.

The rank card is responsible for showing your current server ranking, along with the amount of score you need.

  • Title: same as your title on the profile card.
  • Reputation: same as the rep shown on the profile card.
  • Server score: the amount of server score you’ve received in the server you’ve used the command in. The progress bar reflects the amount you need to reach the next leveled role, or lets you know if you’ve already received all leveled roles. Note that server score, also known as server exp, is different to global XP. Server score gain amount can be modified using .
  • Supporter status: displays a heart if you are a supporter of the bot.
  • Accolades: allows you to equip up to 8 accolades, server specific items which you can buy using points.


A card displayed when you level up.

Appears when you gain enough global XP to level up. Shows your old level and the new one, along with your country badge and avatar. You can disable these cards showing up using .


A wallet card displaying David’s currencies, as well as his Supporter+ status.

Shows you your various Tatsu currencies.

  • Supporter status: shows your status as a supporter if you are one.
  • Credits: the total amount of non-tradable credits you have. You earn credits passively, as well as through various means such as fishing, slots, quests, upvoting and dailies.
  • Tokens: shows the amount of your tokens, an alternative currency that allows you to buy items along with credits. You gain tokens through upvoting, finishing all of your daily quests and getting a 6x daily quest streak, walking your Tatsugotchi and dailies if you are a supporter.
  • Server points: a local currency you earn by talking in a server, which can be used to purchase accolades. The amount of server points gained can be modified using .

Setting up backgrounds

«My Profile» tab as shown on tatsu.gg

You can purchase various backgrounds which you can equip on your cards from the Tatsu store. You can equip level-up and profile backgrounds in the «My Profile» section of the dashboard, and can equip rank and wallet cards by going to the «My Servers» section and clicking on any server.

You may also upload and equip custom backgrounds if you’re a Tatsu supporter, as a perk for supporting the bot.


It was stated that Tatsu hated Oliver, she did not hide this either when she openly told Oliver he can thank her for helping him with his tasks by disassociating himself with her family once his job was done, unaware that Oliver was only helping Amanda Waller to safeguard her and her family. She later warmed up a bit to Oliver as he confronted Chinese Triad members in an attempt to find Maseo, after Oliver played a vital role in saving her life and stopping the Omega weapon, Tatsu’s opinion of Oliver changed completely, even offering to stay with their family in Japan for a couple days so he can relax before returning to Starling City.

Tatsu deeply cares for her son and husband, which may be the reason for her hostile stance towards outsiders. She was utterly devastated by the loss of her son. Despite this, Tatsu took the loss of Akio better than both Oliver and Maseo, as she was absolutely horrified when she saw Oliver torturing Steve to the point of leaving him in a bloody mess and unconscious, showing that her sense of morality remained firm even at the face of great loss.

Upon, reuniting with Oliver five years later, Tatsu now considers Oliver a friend as she addressed him by his name, something she never once did when she hated him, and needed no persuasion to save him from the wounds he suffered from fighting Ra’s. In fact, apparently due to Oliver having saved Akio, her loyalty towards her friend exceeded that of her loyalty to the Crescent Order, to the point where she willingly gave up the Lotus and betrayed the Order for Oliver so he could save Thea and bore her friend no ill-will for it. In the present day, although she still loves Maseo, Tatsu is estranged from her husband since he joined the League of Assassins; but she still offered him a chance to back down and wept as she killed him.

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